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Preparatory stage for Tomson(Taiwan) Films


Foundation of Tomson(Taiwan) Films

Kongfu Kids' copyright were sold to over 50 countries, record-breaking box office in Singapore; simultaneous screening at more than 200 theatres in Japan; a world-wide release miracle for Chinese film industry in history.


Red Dust won 12 nominations and 8 awards at Golden Horse International Film Festival, and was invited as The Premier Show at 1990 British International Film Festival

Tomson(Taiwan) Films to be the first film company in Taiwan and Hongkong making its production in mainland China.


Five Girls and a Rope was selected for international film festivals in Japan, Italy, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland, and won various awards including Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Music, etc.


¤ A Hsu Feng Review Exhibition was held at the 13th Nantes Film Festival for her contribution and achievements for Chinese-language films. She was awarded a medal and a Hsu Feng Award was set up to encourage new film makers in Asia region.

¤ Swordwoman - Hsu Feng Film Review was held by Lincoln Center, USA to commend her "Zeal and achievement". It was also the first time Lincoln Center had held a film exhibition for Chinese movie stars.

¤ Hsu Feng was awarded International Communication Medal by Taiwan Information Bureau for her contribution in promoting Chinese films internationally.


¤ Farewell My Concubine's glorious victory ----

 The Cannes Film Festival - Gold Palm Award

 The Cannes Film Festival The FIPRESCI International Critics Jury Prize

 Asian Film Festival Best Director and Best Achievement In Film Editing

 Puerto Rico Film Critics Association - Best Foreign Film

 LA Film Critics Association - Best Foreign Film

 The New York Film Critics Circle - Best Foreign Film & Best Supporting Actress


¤ Farewell My Concubine continued to win ----

 The 51st Golden Globe Awards - Best Foreign Language Film

 Nomination for the 66th Oscar Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film &
 Best Achievement in Cinematography

 The British Academy Awards - Best Film not in the English Language


¤ Temptress Moon ----

 Was selected for competition at the 49th Cannes Film Festival

 Nomination for the Golden Horse Film Festival in 5 categories


¤ Temptress Moon received nominations for Best Leading Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction at Hongkong Film Awards.


¤ Hsu Feng won Profession Producteur at the 51st Cannes Film Festival .


¤ Shanghai Story, co-produced with Shanghai Film Studio, directed by Peng Xiaolian and starring Joey Wong, finished shooting.

¤ Tomson International Entertainment Holdings Co., Ltd was established.


¤ TIME Magazine included Farewell My Concubine as one of the "ALL-TIME 100 Best Films". "It is a rich dramatization of the venial and mortal betrayals that are the secret, somber melodies of our lives"

¤ Farewell My Concubine listed as the top of Best Ten Movies by the Audience Choice Award in Hong Kong on May 25, 2005