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Mr. Fruit CHAN
Mr. FENG Xiaogang
Mr. CHEN Kaige
 Mr. Fruit CHAN
Director from Hong Kong. He is concerned with lives of the most ordinary people in Hong Kong. His work features intense realism. He has won many awards in major film festivals.

Public Toilet (2002)
Hollywood Hong-Kong (2001)
Durian Durian (2000)
Little Cheung (1999)
Longest Summer, The (1998)
Made in Hong Kong (1997)
Finale in Blood (1991)
 Mr. FENG Xiaogang
Director from China. His New Year comedies enjoy great box office success.

Big Shot's Funeral (2001)
Sigh, A (2000)
Be There or Be Square (1999)
Dream Factory, The (1999)
Mei Wan Mei Liao (1999)
Gone Forever with My Love (1994)
 Mr. JIANG Wen
Actor, director, writer and producer from China. His name is well known in China and international film society. The Italian film community organized a personal film tour in five cities in Italy to honor this talented director. In 2003, he is chosen to be the jury of the 56th Cannes International Film Festival.

Missing Gun, The (2003)
Devils on the Doorstep (2000)
Soong Sisters, The (1997)
Keep Cool (1997)
Emperor's Shadow, The (1996)
Black Snow (1990)
Red Sorghum (1987)
Last Empress (1986)
Hibiscus Town (1984)
 Mr. CHEN Kaige
Chen Kaige is one of China's most prominent and influential directors, and perhaps the central figure in China's Fifth Generation of filmmakers.

In 1984, he collaborated with classmates Zhang Yimou and Hu Qun to create the landmark film Yellow Earth, which stunned critics and audiences in its international debut. His Farewell My Concubine won Palme d'Or at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. His works are strongly characterized with detached tone, measured pace, gorgeous visuals and reflect his life philosophy and criticism of the current society.

Emperor and the Assassin, The (1999)
Temptress Moon (1996)
Farewell My Concubine (1992)
Life on a String (1991)
King of the Children (1987)
The Big Parade (1985)
Yellow Earth (1984)

 Mr. CHENG YaJie

(1958) Born in Beijing, studied under famous artist Mr. BU Wanfang in his early age.

(1975) Entering Tianjin College of Art, mentored under famous oil painting legend Mr. WANG Maigan.

(1981) Enrolled into Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. During his college years, Mr. CHENG's works were exhibited throughout China with many award wining masterpieces. His oil painting "Returning Pigeon" was well received in the International College Student Exhibition in Japan, and became a collectable. Following years, Mr. CHENG was invited to study and research in Japan, Europe and former Soviet Union.

(1991) Enrolled into the Master Class at the Vienna Academy of Art, under the guidance of famous artist Mr. Hutter. Mr. CHENG was also selected to join Sheba European Tour in representing Austria. During the tour, Mr. CHENG's work "My Beloved" was well praised by collectors from Austria, France, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore.

(2002). First personal exhibition in Jakarta's Malinda Exhibition Hall on Nov 23rd, which was well credited.