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Five Girls and a Rope

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Production Year: 1991
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yeh Hung-Wei
Starring: Yang Chieh-Mei,
    Wang Hsiu-Ling,
    Wu Pei-Yu,
    Lu Yuan-Chi,
    Ai Jing

1991 Tokyo International Film Festival - Young Cinema Silver
1991 Torin Film Festival - Special Mention
1991 Nantes Film Festival - Best Picture and Best Music
1992 Rotterdam Film Festival - Movie Critic Award
1992 Belgium Film Festival - The Best Film

This is a story about 5 young women.

Mingtao is the eldest. She is forced into a marriage against her will. She tries to escape, but fails.

Aiyue lives with her 70-year-old granny. It is granny's birthday and Aiyue's father decides to celebrate this by throwing a banquet. However, as traditional rules go, women are not allowed to sit at the table, ...not even when she's granny and she's 70.

Hexiang discovers that her sister-in-law has an affair with someone. The couple pledges her to keep the secret. She decides to help them elope but they are caught and punished to death.

Guijuan's sister has a difficult labour. The family decides to keep the life of the baby son, but not the mother's ...

Dongmei has an aunt who is sent back to her mother because she has failed to bear a son for her husband. Nightmares keep haunting her and she finally becomes mad...

(In Collaboration With Xi'an Film Studio)