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Tsai-Dau and His Friends

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Production Year: 1988
Genre: Nostalgia Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chou Chi
Starring: Chen Chung-Jung,
    Ni Shu-Jun

Ah-Cheng, Tsai-Dau, Ah-Tai, Da-Bau, Siu Kit and Sheau-Fan are good friends. Ah-Tai and Sheau-Fan were childhood sweethearts, but now Sheau-Fan and Ah-Cheng love each other.

Tsai-Dau and Sheau-Fan once get drunk, and they have sex with each other.

Sheau-Fan is pregnant, and she needs an abortion. Tsai-Dau has been arrested for robbery and was jailed for twelve years.

After being released from prison, Tsai-Dau hatches a plan to kidnap Ah-Tai's son as Ah-Tai is a wealthy businessman now.Trying to rescue Ah-Tai's son, Ah-Cheng, now a policema, discovers that Ah-Tai's wife is Sheau-Fan.

Sheau-Fan arrives on the scene, and rushes into the building. She tells Tsai-Dau that the boy he is holding is actually his own son. In fact, Sheau-Fan had never had an abortion, and she and Ah-Tai have raised the child during the years Tsai-Dau has been in jail.

In despair, Tsai-Dau commits suicide...