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The Spring Outside the Fence

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Production Year: 1985
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Li Yau-Lien
Starring: Cherrie Chung,
    So Ming-Ming,
    Fei Sheung
Shooting: 1985.5.2
Release: 1985.8.10

Li Lin and Wu Ai-hua -- two girls growing in a same military dependent community, are of sharp contrast in personalities. The former is charming, smart, open-mined and wild. Never shall she bow to challenges. In her life, she loves only one man -- a handsome and resolute pilot of the air force by the name of Ho Kang, who grew up in the same neighborhood with her.

The latter, Wu Ai-hua, is a closed-minded and depressed girl. In the course of her growth, she loves only one man -- the courageous and smart pilot of air force by the name Ho Kang. Her personalities, however, confine her love towards him in secret. Never has she expressed her love toward him.

While the two girls have fostered very firm friendship. With the very same lover and with the eventual destiny, can this friendship between the two girls be lasting?