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The Lock of Hearts

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Production Year: 1986
Genre: Erotic/Romance
Language: Cantonese
Director: Ho Fan
Starring: Lu Hsiu-Ling,
    Lin Rui-Yang,
    Michael Huang
Shooting: 1986.4.12
Release: 1986.6.28

Chiang Meng-ping has a half brother Chiang Meng-shih, a playboy, and another brother Chiang Meng-hui, who was adopted by her parents, and is an honest doctor, single.

A couple of lover comes to the family Christmas party -- Fan Lin and Hsia Tan-chi. Fan Lin maintains sexual relations with Hsia Tan-chi, but marries Chiang Meng-ping, just for better future.

As an avenger, Hsia Tan-chi marries Chiang Men-hui. Still, she maintains an affair with Fan Lin. Meanwhile, Chiang Meng-shih courts Hsia Tan-chi constantly. The two gradually develop love between themselves.

In the messy love games, Fan Lin and Chiang Meng-shih engage in a vehicular game duel, just for the love of Hsia Tan-chi. The cruel fact is they both crash in a car accident that kills both.

Hsia Tan-chi becomes completely loveless and thoughtless.