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Let me Speak Up

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Production Year: 1987
Genre: Youth Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Tsai Chen-Bin
Starring: Lu Hsiu-Ling,
    David Wu
Shooting: 1986.11.22
Release: 1987

A group of motorcyclists usually gather around the "Hero Slope" where they struggle to get hero stones.

Hsiao Yao has been the "King of Hero Slope" for three terms and is strongly admired by a girl Hsiao-Mei. But by a chance, Hsiao-Yao strongly falls in love with another girl YY.

In an attempt to meet Hsiao-Yao, YY tries to escape home to date Hsiao-Yao. This leads into a lot of trouble to Ah San, his friend. Under YY's encouragement, Hsiao-Yao tries to rid himself from the present way of life and to start from very beginning. He makes himself a gas carrier.

BK has a very strong love to Hsiao-Mei but is always refused. Therefore, he hates Hsiao-Yao. They finally decide to compete in motorcycling race. YY refuses the idea but fails to dissuade them from the race.

This turns out to be Hsiao-Yao's last racing...