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Kung Fu Kids Part III - Those Ill-fated Kids

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Production Year: 1987
Genre: Action/Comedy
Language: Mandarin English
Director: Lin Fu-Di
Starring: Yen Cheng-Kuo,
    Tze Hsiao-Hu,
    Cecilia Yip

The story takes place in north China in the 1930s. Xiao Pang, runs away from home because he is no longer able to bear the ill treatment of his step-mother. Xiao Pang's real mother has long been missing.

Arriving in the city, he wanders around, walking amidst the crowds. A boy pickpocket, Ah Guo, picks a wallet and by mistake, places it into Xiao Pang's pocket. This provokes a lot of fun in the streets.

Through the incident, Xiao Pang and Ah Guo become fast friends. Both kids join an opera troupe.

One day, Xiao Lian, a girl working in the opera troupe is kidnapped. The boys try by all means to rescue her and finally succeed.

In their wandering career, the boys learn to get along with a mute woman. One day, Xiao Pang comes across his father. He is shocked to find out that the mute woman is, in fact, his missing mother.