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Production Year: 1985
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chang Mei-Jun
Starring: Yang Ching-Huang,
    Lin Ri-Yang,
    Gin To
Shooting: 1985.2.15
Release: 1985.4.27

Hsiao Lin gets a chance to serve with UPT airline a trainee. He lives in an apartment together with Hsiao Kuo, his schoolmate, serving with a travel agency.

Hsiao Lin is pure and innocent, in a sharp contrast with Hsiao Kuo who is an old timer in the city and lives in a different way of life.

Hsiao Lin thinks he does not belong to the city. He dislikes the money-centered society and behaviors. But what is right or wrong? It is hard to tell.

In the dyeing tank, Hsiao Kuo has been dyed with the city color and gets used to all the behaviors and phenomena. Gradually, Hsiao Lin compromises and is no longer so pure and innocent. He is no longer so pure and innocent.