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The Game They Called Sex

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Production Year: 1987
Genre: Youth Drama
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Wong Shiao-Di
Starring: Maggie Cheung,
    David Wu

Chiu is arranged by her parents to be engaged to Fang Jo-chiang, an egoistic young man much self-congratulated with his bourgeois upbringing.

Chiu meets Yu, an energetic young man. They soon become close, and Fang is filled with jealousy. Chiu begins to contemplate the meaning of love and marriage. Just before the ceremony of the engagement, she declines Fang's proposal.

Chiu has later married Liao, a dull and chauvinistic man. The couple settles into a boring life devoid of any romance. One day, a rascal breaks into the house to escape from the police. He ties up Chiu as a hostage but the latter convinces him to release her, and she even testifies to his innocence by proving his alibi a few days later. Liao thinks Chiu must have committed adultery with the young man. Chiu calmly accepts Liao's proposal of a divorce.

Chiu goes to the same store for lunch everyday and befriends Tung, the owner of the store. Tung is handicapped and admires Chiu secretly. Tung buries his love until one evening......