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The Woman of Wrath

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Production Year: 1984
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Tzeng Juang Shyang
Starring: Shiah Wen-Shih,
    Bai In,
    Chang Shew-Fang,
    Jan Fei,
    Yang Li-In,
    Lee Shew-Jen
Shooting: 1984.6.28
Release: 1984.9.8

Lin Shih is married off to a butcher by her uncle. The husband is brutish and violent and treats her as a sexual victim by forcing her to have sex with him almost every night before she is allowed to eat.

The village is a typical small island community: closed, gossipy and superstition-riddled. The moaning caused by pain when Lin is being forced into the act with her husband is taken by the women in the village as cries of joy: a sign of promiscuity.

The husband will not let Lin be fed when she refuses to moan during love-making. One day, she faints on the road from hunger. The husband takes her to the slaughtering house and forces her to witness the killings of animals. Still Lin will not moan in bed. The husband beats her up and makes her starve. In desperation, Lin murders her husband in an imitation of his butchering skills.