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Kung Fu Kids Part V
The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids

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Production Year: 1988
Genre: Action/Comedy
Language: Mandarin English
Director: Chou Chi
    Lin Wan-Zhuan
Starring: Yen Cheng-Kuo,
    Tze Hsiao-Hu,
    Chen Chung-Jung

Because of the corrupt Manchu Dynasty, China had been divided and occupied by the great power. After the fall of Manchu Dynasty, the warlords took the advantage and usurped the territory.

Warlord Shu was the warlord of the northern six provinces, a born wolf and gambler. His army's ration and pays had all been lost in gambling. Shu applied loan from the banks of 6 foreign countries and had to organize an international sport game.

Warlord Shu invited a Doctor of Physical Education from England Oxford University. Hu Gua, to be the chief coach, and drafted a gang of commons and rascals as athelets.

Inside this gang, there were China's last eunuch, Mo Shao Chung; local scamp. Brother y; Pon Cha Cha, who had lured other's wife; the pig dealer. Ah Kuo; Little Tiger, the pickpocket; the rascals. Little Fatty and Big Fatty; as well as a gang of whores from the Ni Chun Yuan.

Coach Hu Gua taught them case by case, and won their full respect. Consequently, they had beaten the athletes from the 6 foreign countries and won the final victory.