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Farewell to My Concubine

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Production Year: 1992
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Leslie Cheung,
    Gong Li ,
    Zhang Feng-Yi

1993 The Cannes Film Festival - Gold Palm Award
1993 The Cannes Film Festival The FIPRESCI International
   Critics Jury Prize
1993 Asian Film Festival Best Director and Best Achievement In
   Film Editing
1993 Puerto Rico Film Critics Association - Best Foreign Film
1993 LA Film Critics Association - Best Foreign Film
1993 The New York Film Critics Circle - Best Foreign Film & Best
   Supporting Actress
1994 The 51st Golden Globe Awards - Best Foreign Language
1994 Nomination for the 66th Oscar Academy Awards for Best
   Foreign Language Film & Best Achievement in
1994 The British Academy Awards - Best Film not in the English

2005 TIME Magazine included Farewell My Concubine as one of
   the "ALL-TIME 100 Best Films".

2005 Won "ten most favorite films" award in cerebration of
   "the 100th anniversary of Chinese Films".

1930s. Cheng and Duan begin their training for Peking Opera under the same master. Dediction himself to the study of the role of Yu Ji (i.e. the concubine), Cheng becomes intoxicated and unwittingly falls in love with Yu Ji's warrior husband - in real life the honest and upright Duan.

Ten years later, Duan married the courtesan Ju Xian. Partly out of spite, Cheng gives himself also to a wealthy patron and becomes his "kept man".

The 1960s. The Cultural Revolution saw numerous artists branded as "poisonous weed". Duan is persecuted. Ju Xian sacrifices herself to save him, Cheng is forced to inform on Duan.

After the fall of the Gang of Four, Cheng is rehabilitated. He runs into his long lost friend. For old time's sake, Cheng urges Duan, let's do Farewell to My Concubine one last time. On stage, Cheng raises the magnificent sword - that witness to the many vicissitudes of their lives, and kills himself.

(In Collaboration With Beijing Film Studio)