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Funny Face

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Production Year: 1984
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Chu Yuan-Ping
Starring: Eric Tsang Chi Wai,
    Chu Kai Li,
    Sally Ip Chin Man,
    Pang Su Fan
Shooting: 1984.5.26
Release: 1984.7.21

A terrible-looking boy is named Handsome. A girl with terrible freckles is named Pretty.

Their friends are trying very hard to help Handsome and Pretty to be together. They arrange them to participate in ball parties and TV matchmaking programs.

One day they borrow formal attire from the laundry house and encourage Handsome to attend a party with that attire. Unfortunately that attire belongs to an underworld figure, carrying the signal as target of murder. Handsome thus gets involved in the underworld society and murder.

In the TV match-making program, Handsome and Pretty are awarded a tour. All the way, however, they become the targets of the underworld murder. With the assistance of the smart Pretty, they narrowly escape being murdered. Ever since Handsome and Pretty become intimate friends.