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Starry Is the Night

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Production Year: 1988
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Ann Hui
Starring: George Lam,
    Lin Chin-Hsia,
    David Wu

To Choy-mei, a college girl, had her first affair with her married Professor Cheung Ying-chuan, eventually left for England to get off the hook. Still single and a social worker 20 years later, she comes upon a delinquent Cheung Tien-on (Ng Ta-hung). She is ordered to bring him back to Hong Kong but is instead persuaded by him to redecorate a hair salon of his friend.

Tien-on shows her his admiration in spite of their different background. Choy-mei is touched by Tien-on's true love and throws herself in his arms. Facing the Community Centre's strong objection, Choy-mei decides to quit to accept Tien-on's proposal.

Accidentally, Choy-mei again meets Cheung, a drunkard, and is forced to take him home. Seeing Cheung in Choy-mei's home, Tien-on beats him up, as their father-son relationship comes to light.

Then Cheung's wife appears to tell Choy-mei Tien-on's father is committing suicide and asks her to trace Tien-on ......