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Action (Kung Fu Kids Part):  
4 Kung Fu Kids Part I  
4 Kung Fu Kids Part II  
4 Those Ill-fated Kids  
4 The Kids with Travels through Time  
4 The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids  
4 Enter the Young Dragon  
4 Young Kick Boxer  

Production Year: 1988
Genre: Horror Comedy
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Derek Cheung
Starring: Joey Wong,
    Jacky Cheung,
    David Wu

Two wandering souls start to go after ML and FL for the money ML and FL are given in their dreams or they have to trade souls with the two ghosts.

ML and FL feel scared and helpless. After a few feeble attempts to cheat the souls with fake money and dead bodies, they finally realize that they have to face the soul with their own courage and wit.