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Temptress Moon

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Production Year: 1996
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin Cantonese
Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Leslie Cheung,
    Gong Li,
    Kevin Lin,
    He Sai-Fe
    Lin Jianhua

1996 Nomination for the 49th Cannes Film Festival
1996 Nomination for the Golden Horse Film Festival in 5 categories
1997 Nomination for the 16th HongKong Film Wards in 3 categories

Fourteen years old Zhongliang comes to live at the Pang estate with his elder sister Xiuyi after his parents died.

Zhongliang is one day invited by his brother-in-law to kiss his sister. He puts poison into his brother-in-law's opium pipe, leaving him paralyzed and effectively brain-dead.
Zhongliang escapes and finds himself in Shanghai.

Six years have passed and Zhongliang has become the top gigolo for Biggie the triad boss. Once his mission is to lure Pang's daughter Ruyi. Ruyi falls in love with Zhongliang. Unable to ship Ruyi to Shanghai, he leaves her behind and flees on his own.

Biggie arranges for Ruyi to witness Zhongliang's meeting with the lady. Ruyi is heart broken. Zhongliang tries to regain her love, only to find she is engaged.

Having already recuperated from a broken heart, she can no longer accept his belated proclamations of love. Defeated Zhongliang is once again consumed by love-turned hatred...

(In Collaboration With Shanghai Film Studio)