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Kung Fu Kids Part IV
The Kids with Travels through Time

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Production Year: 1987
Genre: Action/Science Fiction
Language: Mandarin English
Director: Chang Pang-Yi
Starring: Yen Cheng-Kuo,
    Tze Hsiao-Hu,
    Chen Chung-Jung

Huo Yuan-Jia, the famous kung fu martial artistúČintends to visit the legendary Shu Mountain to find an "immortal" to take a speedy lesson in sword-fighting. However, something goes wrong and he ends up in the modern world.

The National Science Institute hire private detectives to intercept Huo. In the meantime, Huo encounters boy scouts Ah Guo, Xiao Pang and Xiao Yan. They help Huo escape.

Huo discovers that their grandfather is the 5th-generation disciple of the Jingwumen Martial Arts Institute.

Grandfather teaches Huo the art of the "Mizong" boxing technique and the "Double Stick" martial arts technique. Meanwhile, Xiao Yan's brother, Zhang Beier tries to help Huo get back to his own time through a "time channel". But Ah Guo and Xiao Pang also enter by mistake.

Huo, Ah Guo and Xiao Pang uses the "Mizong" boxing technique and the "Double Stick" technique as well as such modern skills in skating and skate boarding to defeat their enemies.