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Never Ending Memory

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Production Year: 1988
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yeh Hung-Wei
Starring: To Tsung-Hwa ,
    Fong Man-Lam

Tung is an entrepreneur's son. One day when he is with his parents in a car, they are confronted with very fierce storms and have an accident. That kills his both parents.

He is rescued by an old man living in the mountains and they live together. The old man usually goes down the mountains to the villages to buy eggs and milk to feed Tung.

One day, the shopkeeper finds Tung's backgrounds and reports to police. This arouses a lot of trouble. By a chance, a girl by the name of Hsiu Hsiu appears and solves all problems.
The three then become intimate friends.

Hsiu Hsiu¡¯s brother who is ready to refer Tung to police, however, knows the story of Tung. The old man and Hsiu Hsiu try by all means to rescue Tung, and send him back to the mountains. The three live very happy life in the picturesque mountains.